ELIXIR -> Other Collections

Other collections' assets can be staked in the game for Elixir.

In order for a collection to be eligible for staking, collection owners must contact us and register their collection. We can then create a separate pool for their collection inside the game and players can then move their assets to the game and stake them.

ELIXIR staking formula for each collection:

  • Currently default elixir production rate per second for badges schema is 0.01

  • Dedicated elixir pool size is 20,000,000

elixir production rate per second differs based on each collection's tier (partnership program)


Every week, for each collection, top 5 players that claim the most ELIXIR from their staked assets and 5 random players who claim from their staked assets, will get an airdrop.

The content of airdrop may differ time to time and include game NFTs or Resources.

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