Daily Activities

Players can do a daily activity every day.

  • The first player that does the activity will win a prize (fragment, repair, charge…) and some XP.

  • Others will only get the XP.

There are 4 types of activities:

Free: everyone can participate in this activity
Paid: only players with real assets can participate
Battle Pass owners: only players that own a battle pass can can participate
Generator owners: only players that own a generator can participate
  • In order to participate in each activity, 1 Miner and 1 Tool is needed, they will lose 1 charge/energy and get a 6-hour cooldown.

  • Using in-favored assets increases the amount of gained XP:

0 in-favored assets: 300-350 XP
1 in-favored assets: 375-425 XP
2 in-favored assets: 450-500 XP
  • Based on the rarity of the tools the amount of XP can be increased by a percentage:

Virtual: 0%
Common: 10%
Uncommon: 20%
Rare: 30%
Epic: 40%
Legendary: 50%

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