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Missions are the main part of the game. Missions are about finding treasure in digging sites.

In order to go on a mission, players need at least 1 miner and 1 tool.


There are 2 types of missions: Risky and Deadly.

Risky MissionDeadly Mission

The main difference between Risky and Deadly missions, apart from their rewards, is that there is a chance that tools might either get burned or get upgraded to the next rarity.

Once a mission is started, the outcome will be shown. There are 2 outcomes: success or failure.

  • In case of success, a reward will be available to claim

  • In case of failure, tools might brake or get burned(only on deadly mission) or nothing happens.

Players can use maximum of 1 miner and 5 tools in a single mission. The outcome for each tool is separated from another.

Puzzle Pieces

One of the rewards that might be found in missions, is a puzzle piece. There are a total of 100 puzzle pieces and based on their rarities they can be found on different mission types.

Once a player finds all the pieces and mints the first complete puzzle (art) he/she will be rewarded generously (the reward will be announced once the game is launched).

Once a puzzle is completed, a new puzzle will be introduced and a new competition will begin.



Resources such as Gold, Elixir and Gem can be used in game to pay recharge and repair costs or to buy different Game NFTs from the in-game shop.



Most game assets will be staked in-game to produce Gold.

Partner projects' selected assets can be staked in-game to produce Elixir.

Digs(the construction sites in missions) produce Gem.

Staking & Production

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