Generators are NFTs that have many useful functions in game.

  • Their total supply is 64.

  • They have 5 rarities.

  • They generate Diamond based on their rarity every 24 hours:

Common: 1 Diamond
Uncommon: 2 Diamonds
Rare: 4 Diamonds
Epic: 7 Diamonds
Legendary: 11 Diamonds
  • Generators will have a fair amount of staking weight (for Gold):

Common: 50
Uncommon: 100
Rare: 200
Epic: 350
Legendary: 550
  • Shields and Daily-visit NFTs can be purchased only by Generator owners with Diamond. They can then sell these NFTs to others (in-game or on secondary markets).

  • Based on the rarity of Generators some tools will be available for the owners to be bought with Diamond.

  • Generator owners can claim one NFT (shield or daily-visit or fragment) for free every couple of days.

  • players can have multiple Generators.

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