Players can claim one free "Virtual Miner" and one free "Virtual Tool" from the dungeon menu inside game. At the moment Dungeons are very similar to missions.

Currently there are 4 dungeons and each dungeon drops a treasure related to its name such as food dungeon in which only food can be found.

Using dungeons also will produce some small resources: If you use your real miner, they will produce Gem and if your use your "Virtual Miner", they will produce Gold.

About Free "Virtual Miner & Tool":

Virtual assets can only be used in dungeons and every time they are used in a dungeon they will get +1 level. (They might also lose a level if they are unlucky!)

Upon reaching level 200 for Virtual Miner and level 100 for Virtual Tool, they can be changed to real Miner (level 1) and Tool (common) NFTs.

Your real Miner and Tools (NFTs) can also be used in dungeons.

If you use a real tool in a dungeon beside your free "Virtual Tool" you can get rid of the negative -15% success rate effect! Your tools will also produce some Gem when used in dungeons.

Dungeons will give 20 XP (If your miner is in-favor gained XP will become 40)

You can increase your gained XP, resources or success rate by having relics and claiming battle pass rewards

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